Add CSS or JavaScript to any public website instantly.

Scripter is free a web service that will let let people create and share proxy based views of any website with the option to attach any CSS and JS for design proposals or for testing changes without the risk of damaging the usability of the actual website. It´s like a development environment except you can create one instantly for free for any public website on the web without even having access to the host.

Some details about the idea:

  • Complete views instead of just snapshots! This means that a visitor can navigate the whole website with your changes instead of just have a single page snapshot.
  • Views will also have the benefit of letting you test different parts of the website, so you can confirm that everything else still works.
  • The views could be private or public.
  • You could propose a change to a website of a client just to attract their attention without even having permissions on their servers.
  • You could create a bizarre version of a website you like just to share with friends.
  • We will be thinking on solutions to prevent abuse and copyright infringement.

Some technicalities:

  • Technically what we would implement, would be a reverse proxy in PHP.
  • The proxy would add the styles and JavaScript requested by the user
  • Accounts and content would be managed from some famous CMS like drupal.
  • Monetization would probably be ad based.
  • The resulting pages would probably be displayed in a way simialr to kproxy

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