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More than 13 years helping our clients to take control over the latest software technologies to boost their projects, improve productivity, find more customers or simply fix their computers. Activate a development plan now and start feeling the power of technology.

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Our Proccess is Crystal Clear

José Arturo Cano Melani

Founder - Creator - Inventor

I´m an entrepreneur and a experienced software developer who wants to make a better world one idea at a time. So, whether it is for your personal website or to launch a rocket into space, activate a plan, and let´s change the world together!.

We find the best technology

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Cross-platform Skills

Is what makes the difference

We can provide valuable services on almost any software project regardless of the technology being used due to what we call cross-platform skills. However, there are of course some technologies we are more familiar with.

  • More familiarity reduces risk of complications.
  • We love to work with new technologies.
  • Mitigate risk by including a third party experts.

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JS CSS HTML SQL PHP AS3 jQuery Drupal Django .NET Flash Air Java
Mantainability (Cross-platform)
Agile Philosophies (Cross-platform)
Complex Problem solving (Cross-platform)

We have solutions for you Right Now!

These are some services you may find useful for you current project or idea, just activate a plan and let us be part of your awesome project.

The right technology makes the difference. Find it and use it to achieve your goals!

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Some of Our Active Works

Have a glance to the products and websites that have taken the advantage of our software development and support services.

"Diario del Sur" Website

Drupal Multisite News Management Integration

"Diario del Sur" Website

BF Services by Bikolectiv

Drupal 7 CMS Integration & Support

BF Services by Bikolectiv

Docus Web Application

Financial Archive & Template System

Docus Web Application

AyC Marketing Web by Zola

Drupal CMS Integration & Support

AyC Marketing Web by Zola

Bikolectiv Website

Drupal CMS with Parallax Effect

Bikolectiv Website

Cronite Web Application

Python / Django Personal Scheduler

Cronite Web Application

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A personal and unique style for existing websites

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